Tonight’s our last night in London. We’ll be climbing on board the wicked fast bullet train tomorrow morning after a day and a half in London. I didn’t really want to update yesterday because everything we saw wouldn’t let us take pictures and my iPhone was dead, so lockers were out of the question anyway.

We saw Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, the British Museum, and other things I’m sure I’m forgetting. A lot of the last 24 hours have blended together, and coupled with our tour bus ride around the entire city, I can’t remember what we saw and what we actually got out and explored. We did eat actual fish and chips in a real pub, which was an experience.

The pub setup was amazing. You sit where you can, and when you’re ready, go up to the bar with your table number and order. Maybe not every pub works like this, but the two we went to operated like this and I liked it a lot. No waiters trying to turn tables over, just sit and enjoy. I almost wonder if Americans could handle a setup like that.

Last thing, which I geeked out on, was the Doctor Who experience at the Olympia center in Kensington. Really cool, and I took a lot of pictures. It’s late though, and I know we aren’t doing much when we get back to Belgium except for a quick sightseeing spot and a visit to Delirium, one of Belgium’s main beer makers with over 2000 types.

It’s late. Bed time. G’night London!