Civil rights discussion?  No.

Pokemon discussion?  Heck yes.

Pokemon has always held a soft spot in my heart.  Since I was in sixth grade, I have tried to play at least one game from every generation of Pokemon releases.  My copy of Pokemon White arrived today, and I’ve already put about two hours into it.  I find it insanely fun, even though it is almost identical to the past iterations of the franchise.

OK, I'm not like this......just yet.

Pokemon has always been an interesting game to play.  The idea of collecting my team and building an unstoppable forcehowever I wanted to was always appealing.  The really nice thing about White and Black is that both games manage to make the experience feel new.  You won’t encounter ANY old Pokemon until your first time through the elite trainers, which helps the new Pokemon feel interesting and fresh.

The green one knows he's better than all of you.

Some of the designs are a little silly.  I just caught a psycic pig thing that’s shaped like a kidney, but so far they’re pretty neat.  We’ll see how the rest of the game shakes out, but I would suggest that even if you haven’t played a Pokemon game in awhile, Black and White would be worth checking out.