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WordPress Ate’d My Post

Hmm…could have sworn I posted a lookback on the trip, but I can’t find it here or on my iPhone. Oh well.

Really enjoyed the trip, but I’m sad I lost the jet lag. The 5-7 hour difference (depending on Daylight Savings Time) worked perfectly to get me up really early for work, then let me crash when I was finished for the day.

Sadly, I slept in until 9 on the weekend and have subsequently lost the ability to wake up at a decent hour to prepare for the day :).

I want to get the last of my pictures uploaded somewhere soon. If you’ve tracked me down on Facebook, or you’re reading this because I linked to the blog there, the pictures are up and able to be viewed.

Not sure where I want to go yet with the blog now that vacation is over, but I want to post a lot more than I have been. Trying to stick to at least two posts a week. We’ll see how it goes!


Mostly A Test

Just trying out the WordPress app on my iPhone to see what it can do with regards to posting and publishing.

Also, picture of my cat to try out the media upload. Enjoy!